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Girl Power™ Cuff

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Each AZIAM Girlz Yoga Doll comes with a sparkly, colorful slap band Girl Power™ Cuff bracelet that doubles as the doll's yoga mat when laid flat. Each Power Cuff is the favorite color of the doll it comes with. They feature colorful peace signs and flowers with each doll's I AM statement creatively designed throughout the artwork.

  • Yama: Blue Glitter - I AM Kind
  • Niyama: Green Glitter - I AM Green
  • Asana: Yellow Glitter - I AM Active
  • Prana: Red Glitter - I AM Creative
  • Pratya: Orange Glitter - I AM Zen
  • Dara: Purple Glitter - I AM Singing
  • Dyana: Fucshia Glitter - I AM Smart
  • Sama: White / Silver Glitter - I AM Happy
  • Dolly Alanna: Pink Glitter - I AM Peace






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