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AZ I AM® Kidz

As I Am Journal: Mindfulness for Kids

As I Am Journal: Mindfulness for Kids

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The AZ I AM Girlz are based on the eight limbs of Yoga. Together, in this As I Am Journal: Mindfulness for Kids, they offer exercises and inspiration to kids in a diverse, creative, intelligent and FUN journal that initiates necessary socio-emotional skill sets for kids. They help plant the seeds of goodness in your kids!

PROMOTES GRATITUDE: Keeping a gratitude journal is a scientifically proven happiness practice. Every section has a Gratitude Journal with the Pet Companions of the AZ I AM Girlz!

INITIATES A GROWTH MINDSET FOR KIDS: Encouraging these positive practices increases confidence, self-awareness and self-reliance. Be your best self!

SUPPORTS SELF-AWARENESS IN CHILDREN: The ability for children to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings is directly linked to healthy relationships and overall happiness. Help to harness your child's innate capacities for greatness. 

ADVOCATES MINDFULNESS: Writing mindfulness activities can help to reduce the amount of time spent online. Use these exercises to help keep your kids 'in the moment'.

Let's meet the AZ I AM Girlz!: 

  • YAMA "I AM KIND": Hang Zen with surfer girl Yama and her dolphin friend, Neha, with exercises to strengthen Kindness practices.
  • NIYAMA "I AM GREEN": Go for a hike with Niyama and her monkey friend, Mono Risa, with reminders to get out in Nature, recycle, and to let go of feelings that aren't helpful to hold onto.
  • ASANA "I AM ACTIVE": Get active with Asana and her yogi dog, Nama, learning the Yoga poses and how to be active!
  • PRANA "I AM CREATIVE": Prana and her elephant, Splash, get your creative juices flowing while planting seeds for body positive self-acceptance.
  • PRATYA "I AM FOCUSED": Pratya and her monk cat friend, Dharma Kitty, are focused and zen in their pursuit of advanced sciences! Along the way, they teach about focusing attention and how to feel the feels!
  • DARA "I AM SINGING": Heal the world with song and dance! Dara and Joey Bounce LOVE music, and they encourage breathwork, singing, and dance!
  • DYANA "I AM SMART": Dyana and Study Bunny offer great study tips for you to strengthen your child's mental capacity for knowledge.
  • SAMA "I AM HEALTHY": Sama and Bliss, the Superhero Unicorn, love serving their friends with healthy food and magical delights like no other. Let's stay healthy!
  • DOLLY ALANNA "I AM GROWING": Alanna and Maha, her wacky llama friend, are always growing and expanding their mental, physical and spiritual growth. 

"Alanna is a passionate teacher with a natural gift for teaching children." ~ Deepak Chopra, MD.

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