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Bounce Back!

Bounce Back!

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Bounce Back! is a children’s story around Dr. Rooby Bounce, an Australian
kangaroo front line doctor fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Her husband, Boomer,
is an outback firefighter and her son, Josey, a blossoming hip hop artist and DJ.
We watch as Josey has to not only deal with the pandemic related lockdown and not going to school or seeing his friends, but also the fear that his ER doctor mom may get sick while treating others inflicted with the COVID-19 virus.
This is a light-hearted, yet emotional journey. As the story progresses, Josey grows stronger and more compassionate. By the end of the story, when the community is
joyously reunited, Josey shares the song that he wrote during the lockdown,
encouraging others to keep their heads up: Bounce Back!

Written by Alanna Zabel. Illustrated by Rita Vigovszky. 

Available in Hard Cover and Paperback.
ISBN: 978-0-9898077-7-7
Page Count: 53

*25% of profits from all Dr. Bounce™ plush dolls and books are donated directly to Direct Relief's Covid-19 Relief Fund, dedicated to supplying protective gear and critical care medications to as many international health workers as possible, as quickly as possible.*

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