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Dharma Kitty Goes to Mars!

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Pratya is from India. She loves science, and she is an honors student at the Auroville Science Academy. She enjoys learning about new advances in Technology, Space Travel, and Sound Frequency.

One afternoon, while Pratya was granted an opportunity to read launching codes inside the Academy space shuttle, her wise (but silly) pet cat, Dharma Kitty sat down for a nap. He was so deep in meditation that he didn’t realize his high frequency yawn sent the space shuttle into take-off mode…and straight for Mars!

Read the wise wisdom from Dharma Kitty and Marzi Tarzi, helping Pratya manage her anxieties, learn to control her reactions, as well as following along with the fun, enlightening and award-winning adventure when they make it to Mars and back!

ISBN-13: 978-0-9898077-0-8

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