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Dyana™ Singer Dancer

Dyana™ Singer Dancer

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I AM Singing & Dancing

Dyana is a natural performer. She is always learning new dance routines, writing and singing new songs. She lives in NYC where she takes singing and dance lessons, as well as performs with her all-girl band The Yoginis. Let's watch her first performance in NYC's Central Park!

Dyana is the seventh limb of Yoga. Progressing deeper into the focused concentration of one's mind, unaffected by distractions of the outside world is Dhyana. There is interactive play with Leela (known as the dance of life), while maintaining concentration and self-discipline. This philosophy also includes the joy of song and dance, also referred to as Bhakti. As yogis this is where we connect to our feelings and emotions. Dyana has an innate gift of sensing emotions, and channeling her feelings into music and dance.

Each box includes:
  • 1 dressed Dyana™ doll
  • 1 Guitar
  • 1 Microphone Stand
  • 1 Slap bracelet / Yoga mat
  • 1 Hair brush 
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