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Niyama™ Nature Girl

Niyama™ Nature Girl

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I AM Green

Niyama is a Nature Girl. She loves spending time outdoors, tending to her garden and helping to keep our environment clean. She lives in Manaus, Brazil where she hikes and explores the Amazon Rainforest, learning about the natural herbal remedies found there. Her doll body is fully articulated so that she can stretch properly after her rigorous hikes. I AM Green!

The second limb of yoga contains five internal practices of Niyama (observance) choosing pure food, pure thought, and cleanliness of the yogi’s internal environment of body, mind and spirit - it's really incredible #SelfCare! The practice of Niyama helps us maintain a pure and positive environment in which to grow.

Niyama's doll body is made from recycled plastic, is BPA- and phalate-free.

Each box includes:
  • 1 dressed Niyama™ doll
  • 1 Back pack
  • 1 Camera
  • 1 Water bottle
  • 1 Girl Power Cuff™ / Doll Yoga Mat
  • 1 Hair brush

Meet Niyama's pet monkey, Mono Risa™ (Laughing Monkey)!

Get Niyama's book: Mono Risa's Coconuts


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