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Pratya™ Zen Girl

$ 18.95

I AM Zen

Pratya is from Pondicherry, India and she loves to travel. She is quiet, but attentive. She enjoys watching and listening. She meditates everyday and dreams to be an astronaut when she grows up.

Pratyahara is the fifth limb of Yoga. The philosophy of this practice is based on inward reflection and observance.

Pratya’s story is centered on her travels and science experiments. A percentage of profits from each Pratya doll will benefit the Not For Sale organization, dedicated to ending child trafficking and labor.

Each box includes:
  • 1 dressed Pratya™ doll
  • 1 Meditation cushion
  • 1 Travel suitcase
  • 1 Slap bracelet / Yoga mat
  • 1 Hair brush
  • 1 Girls Space Suit (Rain suit), OS

Meet Pratya's pet cat, Dharma Kitty™!

Get Pratya's book: Dharma Kitty Goes To Mars!

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