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The Dolly Alanna™

$ 18.95

I AM Peace

The Dolly Alanna™ is part of The AZIAM Girlz Soul Model™ collection. She is from La La Land, Israel. Her doll body is fully articulated so that she can really practice yoga and sit in lotus position to meditate.

The Dolly Alanna wears her hair in a single braid with a pink streak running through it that symbolizes peace. Her message of peace is simple: May we accept all beings. May we choose to be kind, happy, and live peacefully, AZIAM.

Alanna's doll body is made from recycled plastic, is BPA- and phalate-free.

Each box includes:
  • 1 dressed Dolly Alanna™ doll
  • 1 book: The La La Sutra's of The Dolly Alanna™
  • 1 meditation cushion
  • 1 tasseled necklace (La La Beads™)
  • 1 Girl Power Cuff™ / Doll Yoga Mat
  • 1 hair brush
Meet one of Alanna’s favorite animal friends, Bliss the Unicorn™!

    Get The Dolly Alanna's book: The LaLa Sutra's of the Dolly Alanna™

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