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The Dolly Alanna®

$ 18.95

I AM Peace

The Dolly Alanna® is part of The AZ I AM Girlz Soul Model™ collection. She is from La La Land, Israel. Her doll body is fully articulated so that she can really practice yoga and sit in lotus position to meditate.

The Dolly Alanna® wears her hair in a single braid with a pink streak running through it that symbolizes peace. Her message of peace is simple: May we accept all beings. May we choose to be kind, happy, and live peacefully, AZ I AM.

Alanna's doll body is made from recycled plastic, is BPA- and phalate-free.

Each box includes:
  • 1 dressed Dolly Alanna® doll
  • 1 book: The La La Sutra's of The Dolly Alanna®
  • 1 meditation cushion
  • 1 tasseled necklace (La La Beads™)
  • 1 Girl Power Cuff™ / Doll Yoga Mat
  • 1 hair brush

    Get The Dolly Alanna's book: The LaLa Sutra's of The Dolly Alanna®

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