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Dr. Bounce®

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Meet Dr. Rooby Bounce! She is a kangaroo front line medical doctor from the Australian outback fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. She wants you to know that we will all bounce back from this global disaster, especially if we follow her wellness advice!

1) Wear a mask! This is the #1 way to avoid transmission of the Covid-19 virus
2) Smile! A simple smile boosts your immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, which improves your resistance to illnesses (even better if you're laughing too!). 
3) Be Kind! We're all in this together and if we can offer kindness towards one another, it makes life more positive for everyone! And guess what?! That's great for your health, too!
4) Eat Healthy! Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, high in vitamins and minerals needed to keep your body healthy and resistant to illness
Each Dr. Bounce® plush doll hip hops with her son, Josey, when you squeeze her paw. The musical composition was created by esteemed music supervisor Roger Bellon. 

Inside Dr. Bounce's pouch includes one children's size Bounce Back © face mask.
...AND inside her pouch includes one children's size Bounce Back © face mask.

Get Rooby's book: Bounce Back ©

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